Hi, we’re Press Reset Ventures, a venture studio fund that aims to press reset on the conventional VC model that promotes hyper-consumerism and not-so-conscious capitalism. We’re founded by a team of people from KraveBeauty, a skincare brand that wants to slow down the skincare industry which has become a lot like fast fashion.

And through Press Reset Ventures, we’re investing in early-stage companies to allow for sustainable growth and expansion of start-up companies within the beauty industry. Our fund targets value-conscious brands, innovative B2B products, and services that focus on inclusivity and sustainability.

some common problems we identified
in the beauty investment space
that made us jump into this space
to press reset on these norms.

Problem 01

Hamster Wheel growth > Sustainable growth

Being a VC-backed company can sometimes put a great amount of pressure on the founding team to grow at all costs, burn cash faster for hypergrowth, which then leads to putting the team on a hamster wheel of fundraising again.

Hamster Wheel Growth

Sustainable Growth
Problem 02

Shareholders first, stakeholders second.

The concept of capitalism has a negative connotation and rightfully so. Corporations have grown shareholders values at all costs—even doing it by deprioritizing its stakeholders; customers, employees, vendors/suppliers and the environment. We want to challenge the concept of “Shareholders first, stakeholders second” in the investment space and prove that financial success can be achieved by truly putting the good work and doing right by the stakeholders. We firsthand know this and firmly believe in this shift of perspective



Problem 03

Short hold period in the beauty investment

The beauty industry has been defined by enormous inflows of capital funding, with the average hold period for beauty & personal care investments being 3.7 years versus 10 - 15 years for traditional VC investments. Indie beauty brands are pressured by their investors to expand their product lines beyond what customers need, and ultimately be acquired by a larger conglomerate.

Pressing reset
     on shareholder

To be considered for funding, please email a full business plan to liah@pressresetvc.com
For all media inquiries, please email sky@pressresetvc.com
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